Provides Banks, Lenders, Brokers, and Law Firms to quick access to their client’s information. Fraud in the United States is on the rise and more organizations need to verify information before funding loans. You can always request a 4506-T directly from the IRS, which usually takes 30-60 days or use our system developed around your needs.

We provide fast, accurate transcripts from the IRS that you can rely on. Stop wasting time with the IRS bureaucracy.


We have integrated processing for Social Security Administration SSA-89 form.

Fannie Mae is requiring additional verification of the social security number on files that are deemed “Potential Red Flag”. The verification of social security numbers must be a direct validation from the Social Security Administration’s database, such as the Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) Program with form SSA-89.

Easy and Fast Order Processing!

Simply log in to your account and create a new SSA-89 order right online. Upload the SIGNED Form SSA-89 into the order. Once the order and form is approved, the results will come back from the SSA’s.

Please contact your account executive to have this service added to your account if you do not already have access to the service from your order console in

For additional services such as Employment Verification or Social Security Number Verification please contact our sister company Private Eyes, Inc.

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